Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service / Experience Day Barclays Bank Staff

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service put together a Experience Day for a Charity event that was held at Exeter Audi in aid for Families For Children Adoption.

There was many people there at the event where there was a few auction items that sold and one of these was a Experience Day with the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue.
Barclays Bank Corporate Staff bidded on this item and won the day for there staff.

The day was organised by Jessica King From the Academy Fire & Rescue Service and was so much fun even though i was taken the photos i had a great time watching the group do the activities that was unfolding throughout the day and they had such a good time but not only that they were surprised how fast a fire can grow and what could happen if you don’t act quickly in a situation.

Couple of the Staff from Barclays said it was a eye opener and not only this was a fun day out it was something that we can go back to the office and look at things differently and make sure where my escape routes are in buildings and places where we go as that is my means of a escape in a emergency.

Would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at the Devon Fire & Rescue Service and a big thanks to Jessica of putting on a good day.

Please see the photos below of the day that happened