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Posted By: mark Posted In: Uncategorized Date Posted: August 10th, 2013

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Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

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Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: March 3rd, 2012

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Organised a Experience day which was won by Barclays Staff at Exeter Audi. Everyone had a great time and all the staff said it was a eye opener on how quick a fire can progress.

The day started at 9am where we started of talking about the day and what was instore for them over coffee, we then started to go to different places with the HQ where they had areas of Buildings which was set up for Training fire fighters all over the country.

the group of 6 was told to get into there overalls which will protect them in what they were going to be doing as a team, in pairs they had to go into a tunnel and go through tight spaces which they had to find a dummy and take back to the starting point.

This was completed and was great fun seeing then in action and getting some great shots of them working as part of the team, we then went on to Climbing the wall where they had to go up by gripping onto the grips as they dragged them self’s up the wall and then abseiled down again.

The group then was shown the Search & Rescue dog which they set up a missing person and the dog had to find him in tight spaces and in roofs and so on and the dog performed very well in finding him every time he was hiding

the group was shown around some of the vehicles that was on site and was talking in depth of what they do on site and who comes in and what the training is like.
We then went across to the Respiratory Centre where they were going into a black room where they had to work as a team to get round the cages and up frames and down frames to walking around touching and feeling the walls as you go in as you could not see a thing apart from when i kept shooting a bright light in there faces which i could not help but was a good strobe effect to make them even more blind to see where they were going which made things harder for them… Sorry.

after this we went on to have Lunch and headed to the Air Port where things were going to get a lot more serious and hotter as they were just about to get into a big container where a fire was going to start and they were going to be near to the flames and smoke and will be told how the fire was progressing and what it will do next.

They guys were really enjoying this and can see they were taking everything on board and was really interested on how the fire can be serious and how fast it can grow and the tempretures could get so high.

Was a great day and would like to thank all the staff that took part and put on a good show and thanks to Barclays for being a good sport and great to work with.


The South West Of England School New Sensory Room

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: March 3rd, 2012

Chartered Accountants Haines Watts based in Southernhay Exeter selected West of England School & College for young people with little or no sight based on Topsham Road as their first Charity of the Year in 2011. Through a series of small networking events and fundraisers they raised £2k at the end of the year. Ben de Cruz Senior Partner for Haines Watts asked the school if they could look at a project or something tangible for these funds. The WOEC created a new sensory room out of what used to be the old Braille room. The £2k covered the refurbishment and a new wheelchair access created as well as all the equipment.

Ben de Cruz joined Caroline Burkie Head of Fundraising and PR and Sara Cross Occupational Therapist together with three of the young learners to view the new facility.

Sara Cross
Occupational Therapist, West of England School and College

“We are thrilled to have this new facility to allow increased access to sensory integration assessment and therapy for School pupils.
The current room that is used is highly subscribed to and is within the college and therefore the school pupils are regularly without a much needed slot in the sensory room.
Due to the Haines Watts money we now have another room equipped for this purpose for the younger learners which is fantastic.

During each moment of everyday we all take in a continual stream of information simultaneously through our different senses; vision; hearing; touch; taste; smell and also the sense of balance and movement (vestibular) and where we are in space (proprioception)
Sensory Integration is the process which “puts it all together” allowing us to sort out and use this information so that we can engage in everyday life easily and automatically.
Often our learners have difficulty processing these sensations and that is where the use of sensory integration therapy comes in.

Learners are assessed and a “sensory diet” is developed. A sensory diet is a carefully designed personalized activity plan that provides the sensory input that a person needs to stay focussed and organized throughout the day.

Just as you may jiggle your knee or chew gum to stay awake or soak in a hot bath to unwind children need to engage in stabilizing, focussing activities too.
The great thing about ‘sensory diets’ is that their effects are usually immediate and cumulative.
Activities that perk up the child or calm him down are not only effective in the moment they actually help to restructure the child’s nervous system so that with frequent access to these activities he is better able to:-

• Tolerate sensations and situations that he finds challenging
• Regulate his alertness and attention span
• Limit sensory seeking and avoiding behaviours
• Handle transitions with less stress.

This room is incredibly important and will enable the younger pupils at WESC to have their own “indoor playground” to carry out their sensory diet.
I very much hope that Haines Watts will be pleased with this conversion as without it the sensory integration room would not exist.

• Weighted blankets – Feels like a warm hug and helps to increase proprioception and helps to calm.
• Chewellery and Chew noodles – for children who explore with their mouth- this kit is used to increase awareness of the mouth and provide additional proprioception to the jaw.
• Great lumps ball and giant stress ball and squeezy fidget toys – heavy and squeezy, calming and a fidget toy. Sometimes a child is better able to concentrate if they have a small toy in their pocket to fiddle with to help them stay focussed – just as we might doodle or play with a paperclip.
• Soft pressure brush – to use with children to provide tactile stimulation.
• Stretchy fish tunnel – A stretchy material tunnel to crawl through providing opportunities to strengthen through hard work – improve core stability, breathing, focus and attention
• Stretcheze in two sizes for bigger or smaller people – provide body awareness and increased proprioception, pushing against the resistance of the stretchy materials provides opportunity to improve co-ordination and strength as well as being calming and organising.
• Spinning cone – this is great fun and generates and encourages balance, co-ordination and mobility.
• Physio mat – to provide a soft surface for some floor activities
• Large physio roll – to use with a weighted blanket and increase deep pressure, playing games such as human hot dogs!”


Jake Humphrey Speaks Out

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: January 20th, 2012

Jake Humphrey on Stage with a Glow and being Positive of the change to Sky but there were concerns of losing many Fans due to the change, Jake confirmed that they have lost Martin Brundell and there will be other reporters from Sky within the team. He did mention someone with wacky shirts last year and when he raised money for his shirt, he sold it with all the signatures of the drivers for 1 million….

Jake Seemed happy with the Progression of the F1 for this season and hopefull that they will put on a good show this year with the move to Sky, I think what Jake was saying that they have had there hands tied and there wasnt any other choice in the matter but the decision was hard to meet as the team are so great at what they do they dont want to give up on what they do best.

We as a Audience need to be willing to make changes and give our feed back to the BBC or to Sky in support of the Future and should not dwell on the fact that not all races will be shown Live, this is something that makes me un happy but with the world nowadays of coping with funding and other matters we have to except change and we can follow by other methods such as the Net Apps on the Iphone.

This is going to shock a few people and most will be unhappy just like me but the Team would of not done this unless they really had too but who knows what will happen for 2013..


Paul Di Resta Interview

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: January 20th, 2012

Interview with Paul Di Resta from the Force India, Paul discussed his time with Force India last season and was happy with his Performance and was guaranteed a seat again this season. He stated that his car is being put together and with help by his team mate Nico Rosberg in moulding his seat and creating pressure points with less movement with the G Force. Paul said also that he will be pushing even harder and stronger this season as he wants to be in the top 5 this year so a one to watch this year and my eyes will be on Paul and supporting him all the way.


David Coulthard Interview

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: January 20th, 2012

Here we have David Coulthard on stage and have a great turn out of fans and having a insight of what to expect for the up coming Season ahead with Positives and non positives with going across to Sky this year. it was said that it will be a change for me to what i normally do but the BBC had 2 choices. go with the deal with SKY or if they didnt except then we would have No coverage of the Sport, so in one sense we had no choice and made the right move.


Autosport International Sneak Peaks

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: January 12th, 2012

Autosport International Show Held a great first day today and with so much to take in with so little time in getting all the photos that we needed to take today.

Press Day went well and the celebrity Karting Compitition went well and went full speed around the corners and put on a great show.
All those that are coming up tomorrow or sat you will see alot of new Companies New Cars New Designs of the arena !!!

2012 i feel will be the Best Yet


Paul Di Resta At Autosport International Show 14th

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: January 6th, 2012

Great to see Paul coming to the Autosport Show this year and meeting up with DC and Jake where they will be talking about the F1 News this year and see if F1 going across to Sky with damage the Followers this season.

To find out stay tuned


Auto Sport International – 2012

Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: December 21st, 2011

Next Year OnTheMarkPhotography is Covering the Auto Sport International Show yet again where there is much more to see and more Famous Names that will be attending

Jason Plato British Racing Driver in the BTCC , Darren Turner Le Mans 24 hr Racing driver , Tom Kritensen Le Mans , Steve Rider TV Presenter who will be covering the F1 Next year on Sky.

Shane Lynch will be there with Maxxis Tyres and will be covering some action with him on the track! , Alan Mcnish , David Coulthard Winner of 13 Grand Prix and as we all know covering the racing season.

Jake Humphrey will be there meeting fans face to face so if there is any questions to ask then please do (Sat Only)

Paul Di Resta from Force India will be there Sat & Sun where he will be doing Interviews and will be driving In the Live Action Arena. , Also Alan Jones from the Williams Team will be there,

So there is plenty of faces to see over the weekend but more is yet to confirm but looking forward to covering the Event again for Track & Road Magazine TarMag so please take a look after the show to see some interviews and links to what I have covered.



Exeter Audi

Exeter Audi
Posted By: mark Posted In: Latest News Date Posted: November 4th, 2011

Special Thanks to Haines Watts Group for putting on this Special event at Exeter Audi

Haines Watts Group have Adopted Families For Children Adoption this year as Charity Of The Year so from me and Families For Children Adoption thank you so much for having us and welcome with open arms.

On the 3rd November we raised £1’300 and up until now the figure is raising. The money will be going to such a good cause and to help those out there who are more venerable and wanting a family to care and live a happy life and without Families For Children Adoption putting so much effort in, there would be little help.

Would like to thank Craig Mitchell from Exeter Chiefs for coming along and displaying the Home Shirt which was signed by the team for the Auction, and he Modelled it very nicely in front of the people and was sold to a lucky buyer.

With thanks from me and Ally from Families For Children for this Special Event

Also thanks to Glen King PR for working so hard and organising us all and myself in getting the Photo Diaries done and dont worry about the photo frame it was part of the act lol

Best Wishes Mark Campbell